Export Packers located near Heathrow
We pack all types of goods for export

DfT Licensed Export Packers near London Heathrow / M25

We pack all types of goods for export and have over 25 years experience in this field, so whatever you need packed for international shipment, contact us for a fast and efficient service.


If you have a requirement to ship a substantial volume of goods that may already be packed into cardboard boxes then we can consildate these into one clear plastic wrapped bundle mounted on a wood handling pallet. The size of the bundle can be set to match your airfright operator.

Bundling can also be used with fragile items packed into lightweight wooden cases and consolidated into a larger shipment less likely to be lost or damaged in transit.

Large and Heavy Items

Need an Export Packer to ensure your car or motorcycle gets to the designated overseas destination damage free (no matter what type of transpot is used)?  If you are thinking about taking your special vehicle abroad with you then give us a call for a quote. Specialist cars are quite a common export.

Machinery usually requires a substantial plynth to accomodate the weight, especially when being handled by a crane or other lifting gear. Such cases are also re-enforced with cross members and extensive side supports to ensure the contents are fully protected.

Works Of Art Or Museum Pieces

We will make a custom case for whatever you want to ship and can include desiccant silica gel bags in watertight wrapping within a foam lined case.


We provide the appropriate markings on all cases to inform handlers of any desired orientation and the fragility of the internal goods.

Custom / Bespoke Packing For All Export Markets