We pack a very wide variety of goods

Works of art, cars, machinery, engines, roofing, marine components, turbines etc etc. In 30 years of export packing we've come across just about everything!

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Export Casemaking For All Goods Type

Export Packing Cases

Packing Case Styles

We custom build all styles of case to suit the goods that are being transported and the method of shipping. We will be happy to advise you and discuss the best solution for your particular shipment. Large or small, regular or irregular shaped, heavy or light, we do it all. Please click on the enquiry button below and we'll be happy to assist you.

Use Of Timber

To give the best protection to your goods whilst being handled by transport operators we recommend the use of wooden cases. These cases are constructed using heat treated timber which is ISPM15 certified (an essential requirement) to meet the import regulations of most countries.

Special Requirements

Cases can be constructed with inner water tight wrapping, foam lining or special re-enforcements for heavier items.


Most cases require some sort of handling facility whether this is simply lift handles (rope or metal) or a bottom pallet that enables fork lift use.


We provide the appropriate markings on all cases to inform handlers of any desired orientation and the fragility of the internal goods.

Custom / Bespoke Cases For All Export Markets