Packing Cars for Export
We Custom Pack All Cars For Export

Car Shipping

Packing For International Car Shipping

Most people shipping a car abroad will send it by sea because it is cheaper. It will usually be shipped in a container that requires a solid base that does not allow the car to move at all whilst in the container. We custom build plinths to the exact width of the container and then secure the car to this base.

Use Of Timber

All plinths and cases are constructed using heat treated timber which is ISPM15 certified (an essential requirement) to meet the import regulations of most countries. This is to ensure that no insects or harmful bacteria are exported within the timber.

Special Requirements

We work closely with all customers to ensure that any special requirements are fully understood and fulfilled. We can also arrange transport (or liaise with your designated transporter) to get your vehicle to the container port for departure.


All car plinths are built with handling in mind so bases have weight bearing fork lift access for lifting and maneuvering.

Car Part Shipping

We have also built special cases for Formula 1 racing car parts and these are usually shipped air freight to very exacting requirements. Please call for a fast turnaround service if that is what you require.

Motorcycle Shipping

We build custom cases for motor cycle export with the box built to a size that facilitates easy consolidated with other items within a container. Handling is of course included as is suitable marking for goods type and orientation.

Motor Cycle Export Packing

Custom / Bespoke Cases For All Export Markets

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